How the brain develops, grows, and learns throughout our lives

28 March 2018

A two-minute animated introduction to brain development

The human brain is a fascinating organ – indeed, some have called it the most complex object in the universe. Numerous researchers have investigated how the brain grows, learns and develops over the course of our lives.

Several of these researchers have shared their exciting findings on BOLD, writing blog posts or talking about their findings. But is it possible to condense the most important facts about brain development into a two-and-a-half-minute video? That would indeed be a daunting task!

Instead, our aim is to give you some idea of the complexity of brain development. Perhaps it will also motivate you to learn more about this intriguing topic!


Video produced by Kurzgesagt for BOLD – Blog on Learning and Development.

Script by Nora Raschle and Sabine Gysi.

Powered by the Jacobs Foundation.

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