A few weeks ago, BOLD Blog explored the idea of a future without schools through Flash Forward podcast’s episode on the topic. But while we still have schools, at least for the foreseeable future, how about a podcast for those who teach?

Cult of Pedagogy is a podcast as well as a blog created and run by Jennifer Gonzalez. A middle school language arts instructor for many years, she later became a teacher of teachers. And ultimately, her passion for teaching led to Cult of Pedagogy where she discusses all sorts of topics related to teaching. The podcast has covered topics like teaching without grades, delaying a child’s entrance to kindergarten, and how schools have underserved black girls.

In a recent episode, Gonzalez discusses the concept of “Genius Hour” with educator A.J. Juliani. Genius Hour is a dedicated time of the week where students get to study whatever they want, with the goal of creating and presenting some sort of project about it over the course of weeks. As Juliani explains, once students leave high school, they have to make all sorts of decisions on their own. Why not prepare them for that beforehand? Gonzalez and Juliani talk about how to keep it structured and not chaotic, how to schedule it, and how to get parents on board.

Cult of Pedagogy keeps its episodes interesting by bringing on educators, students, school administrators, as well as parents, incorporating all relevant viewpoints. Give it a listen!

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