Introducing podcasts worth hearing: Moving at the Speed of Creativity

A podcast recommendation about educational technology and digital literacy
Jordan Cameron,, CC BY 2.0
Jordan Cameron,, CC BY 2.0

If you liked the Teachers Talking Tech podcast that we recommended a few months ago, you’re going to love Moving at the Speed of Creativity. Hosted by teacher and author Wesley Fryer, this podcast is all about educational technology and digital literacy. The longer, roughly monthly episodes often feature guests that share their experiences with classroom technology – what they’re using, what works, and what they would do differently.

A frequent guest of the show is Fryer’s wife, Shelly Fryer. A teacher at Positive Tomorrows, a school for homeless children in Oklahoma, Shelly often discusses her digital projects with Wesley on the podcast. In an episode entitled “The Best Day of Classroom Blogging Ever,” Shelly talks about the blogging project she worked on with her third and fourth graders earlier that day.

The day was partially spent launching the students’ classroom blog and the lesson included discussions on digital citizenship, including what topics they should or shouldn’t write about on a public forum. The class had plenty of experiences with digital information and writing prior to this, but this was the first step in sharing their work with the outside world.

The episodes of Moving at the Speed of Creativity share honest thoughts about the topics and projects being highlighted as well as plenty of tips for those interested in working more technology into their classrooms.

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