Last time, we got into innovations in classroom education with the Teachers Talking Tech podcast. For this instalment, we take it a step further with Pushing the Edge, a podcast that focuses on bringing social justice into the classroom.

Host Greg Curran talks to educators about how they incorporate innovation and social justice into their teaching. In one recent episode, for example, Curran talks to middle and high school English teacher Christina Torres about how she empowers students to make change happen. In another, guest Bill Ivey, a middle school dean, discusses how to explore identity with students. Curran and Ivey talk about how to push those discussions away from singular topics like race or gender and towards intersectionality – how race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and socio-economic status interact with each other and impact experiences. A tough concept for many adults and an important one to begin introducing at an early age.

In episodes 16 and 17, Curran talks about his experiences and what brought him to start the podcast. Always interested as an educator in doing things differently, Curran knew he wanted to do what he could to improve schooling for different types of children, to help them have a better life in school. And the podcast was born when Curran decided he wanted to engage with others who have similar goals.

For educators interested in building safe, accepting, open environments for all of their students, Pushing the Edge is a must listen.

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