Last time, BOLD Blog discussed an interview with writer Nicholson Baker on his new book about substitute teaching. In that interview, Baker talks about the use of technology in the classroom and what he thinks some of the benefits are to students using iPads. For more conversations like that, head over to Teachers Talking Tech podcast, where hosts Mike Brown and Eric Robinson discuss the use of technology in their elementary school classrooms as well as other innovations in teaching.

The episodes are short, around 15 minutes long, and have covered specific apps and programs like Twitter, Periscope, and iMovie as well as broader subjects like teaching students how to code and how veteran teachers can learn to use new technology.

Outside of straight technology talk, Brown and Robinson also discuss innovations in curricula. They’ve covered the Genius Hour concept (described here in BOLD Blog’s coverage of the Cult of Pedagogy podcast), teaching without homework, and bringing mindfulness into the classroom. They often feature interviews with other educators and occasionally chatter from the students filing into the classroom as the hosts wrap up their recording.

If you’re an educator interested in bringing more tech into the classroom or a parent curious as to the Why’s and How’s of doing so, these short episodes are an easy listen and very informative.

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