Learning to thrive

Can being better connected to nature help young people to thrive?

‘Learning to thrive’ was created to help adults think about the ways in which being connected to nature can help young people to thrive.

The animation, ‘Learning to thrive‘, brings this story to life and provides an imaginative and nurturing space to engage in thinking about how we might support young people and ourselves to thrive into the future.

If you’re interested in supporting children to thrive in a challenging climate, there is a range of materials to help reflect on the topics, engage with young people and start the conversations.

About the learning and support materials

The learning and support materials provide ideas that can be used to engage young people in discussions and activities about their own relationship with, and connections to, the natural world around them. The materials are designed to support both you and the young people in your care to engage with the ideas raised in the animation and to relate them to your own experiences and local environment.

The materials are organised using three ‘pathways’. Each has been created with a slightly different audience in mind, but some activities and ideas feature across the pathways.

Watch the animation and learn more about the project

All available resources

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