The npj Science of Learning Community presents research focussed on the mind, brain and education space. In August, our authors discussed the disruption to US graduate entry exams posed by Covid-19; and shared insights to teaching students about ‘bias’.

In the USA, university student’s complete exams to qualify for entry into graduate programs. With Covid-19 a persistent threat most campus’ have suspended the traditional exam process and are now facing the challenge of finding alternative assessment methods. Eric Brewe reflects on the frustration university faculties are experiencing in Testing times for assessment.

The Black Lives Matter protests have highlighted bias is common throughout the world. But how can teachers help students address discrimination in society and consider their own connections with stigmatised and underrepresented groups. Based on social psychology research, Rob McEntarffer sets the stage for educators to learn from and break down the gaze of bias in Summary – Confronting Bias Through Teaching: Insights from Social Psychology.

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