The npj Science of Learning Community presents research focussed on the mind, brain and education space. In November, npj Science of Learning authors discovered less is more in story books for children and reported how experience influences the choices kids and teenagers make.

Traditionally, it was thought detailed illustrations in storybooks motivated children to learn more. But a new research study by Cassondra Eng, Karrie Godwin and Anna Fisher reveals how the playful interaction between images and words is not always what it seems. Explore this study’s fascinating insights in When less is more in an increasingly busy world.

Every day there is something new to experience and the outcomes of these experiences shape our decisions. But what kind of experiences determine the choices made, especially by kids and teenagers? A video game proved to be an unconventional way of verifying how feedback affects personal judgement. Alexandra Cohen and Kate Nussenbaum describe the study further in The hidden agent of decision making

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