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In March 2022, researchers highlighted how relationships at school contribute to developing character virtues in children and identify the most effective strategies to teach memory theory. 

Education is not just about learning new skills and constructing knowledge about various topics. Schools play a strategic role in shaping students’ social skills and healthy mindset. Researchers from the University of Nebraska, University of Indianapolis, and Federal University of Parana investigated how relationships with fellow students and teachers contributes to developing students’ socio-emotional and character virtues. Jonathan Santo, Kendra Thomas, and Josafá Da Cunha, shared their findings in School relationships drive changes in children’s character virtues.

Teaching resources are available in all kinds of formats to guide teachers’ instruction to students during lessons. However, finding the most suitable strategy can be a challenge. Rob McEntarffer identifies some of the most effective ways to teach memory theory. In his latest contribution, he evaluates whether long or short form resources benefit memory research for teaching and learning practices in Too short? Or just right?.

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