GUEST PODCAST: Ed-Technical Season 2 Episode 2

This season Libby Hills from the Jacobs Foundation and AI researcher Owen Henkel continue to speak with leading researchers, practitioners and educators on the Ed-Technical podcast series about the cutting edge of AI in education. They will break down complex AI concepts into non-technical insights to better understand what the research says and help educators sift the useful insights from the AI hype. 

In the second episode of season two, Owen and Libby speak to Alyssa Van Camp, Head of Research at EdTech start-up TeachFX. TeachFX is an app for teachers that uses voice AI (a combination of automated speech recognition and natural language processing) to analyse classroom talk and then provide automated feedback to teachers. 

Owen and Libby talk to Alyssa about the challenges with transcribing and analysing classroom talk and how TeachFX is overcoming some of these issues. Alyssa also shares some interesting reflections about how TeachFX approaches data privacy, and navigates the tension between being a tool for teacher development while responding to the needs of administrators (who are often the purchasers of the tool). 


“We believe that the best use of AI in education is to drive innovations that superpower human interactions in classrooms, rather than replacing them.”

Alyssa Van Camp, TeachFX
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