GUEST PODCAST: Ed-Technical Season 1 Episode 8

Join two former teachers – Libby Hills from the Jacobs Foundation and AI researcher Owen Henkel – for the Ed-Technical podcast series about AI in education.

Each episode, guest hosted on BOLD, Libby and Owen will ask experts to help educators sift the useful insights from the AI hype. They’ll be asking questions such as “How does AI really help students and teachers?”, “What do we actually know about this technology, and what’s just speculation?” and “When we say ‘AI’, what are we actually talking about?”

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In this final episode of season one, Owen and Libby pull out highlights from each episode. They reflect on some of the common themes, and their lingering questions after this first season. They ask, if a model’s not perfect, how good does it have to be before it stops being useful at all? And they share their appreciation for their many guests who are ex-teachers. Owen also shares his personal wish for more adversarial discussions in season two, which Libby may or may not grant. 

We’ll be back for season two in May! Join for our long promised episodes on voice AI, as well as a possible episode live from Daytona Beach for Spring Break…

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