Teachers’ Voices bonus episode 8

Join educational researcher Nina Alonso for this podcast series as she shares powerful stories from teachers around the world, talking in their own words about their own experiences.

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The final episode of Teachers’ Voices season 3 opens with Sister Zeph, winner of the 2023 Global Teacher Prize, talking directly to teachers. “You are a future maker”, she says. These words inspired the rest of this mini-episode, which explores futures literacy. What is futures literacy? What do students gain from futures literacy? How can teachers incorporate it into their classrooms?

Former teacher Michelle Blanchet, co-author of the Startup Teacher Playbook and Co-Founder of The Educators’ Lab answers these questions for Nina. Michelle is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Futures literacy is “a way to encourage young people to use their imagination and their agency to adapt, invent, recover, prepare for all the changes that we’re experiencing”, Michelle explains.

Teachers’ Voices will be back for season 4 later this year. 

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Guests and resources

Sister Zeph – LinkedIn, Twitter/X, Global Teacher Prize
ZWEE Foundation of Sister ZephFacebook, Instagram

Michelle Blanchet – LinkedIn, Twitter/X
The Educators’ LabTwitter/X, Medium, Facebook

UNESCO – Futures Literacy

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