What happens in children’s and young people’s brains when they learn? What does the ideal learning and development environment for each individual look like? Which programs and technologies should be pursued? Which decision makers need to be involved to improve development and learning conditions?

The Jacobs Foundation and its large network have been seeking answers to these questions for over 25 years, aware that the resulting findings and insights must be disseminated, debated, and translated into action.

BOLD is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to spreading the word about how children and young people develop and learn. Researchers at various stages of their careers – some are associated with the Jacobs Foundation, others are not – as well as science journalists, policymakers, and practitioners have their say on this platform.

Designed as a digital platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions, BOLD encourages any contributions, whether through comments, social media or any other avenue that is suitable for fostering and advancing the discussion.


To learn more about the researchers and writers contributing to BOLD, visit the authors’ page.

Some articles were originally written in German. These were translated into English by freelance translator Dorothy Duncan.

Some of the videos on this platform were produced by PositiveNegatives, Van Vorst Films, FiftyFiftyFilm and Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell.

Contents do not reflect the views of the Jacobs Foundation. Authors publish on their own behalf and the opinions expressed are their own.

Emerging and established researchers, practitioners, and journalists contribute to this platform

BOLD is made possible by the Jacobs Foundation

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How might parents’ speech impact children’s development?
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