Gemma Wirz

Editor-in-Chief BOLD

Gemma Wirz has a background in editing, writing and digital content production. Following a master’s degree in science communication from Imperial College London, she worked for two of the world’s largest conservation organisations, enhancing their social media presence and developing new content and strategy. Gemma worked as a consultant for several years, working with non-profit organisations and sustainably-minded companies, producing copy and advising on media relations and digital strategies. Having joined the Jacobs Foundation in May 2020, she is thrilled to continue expanding BOLD as its Editor-in-Chief.

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Contributions by Gemma

Annie Brookman-Byrne and Gemma Wirz / 27 April 2023
Characters playing outdoors together in nature.
Annie Brookman-Byrne and Gemma Wirz / 20 April 2023
Characters of diverse backgrounds and demographics standing together in harmony.
Characters standing in a forest noticing and connecting with nature.
Annie Brookman-Byrne and Gemma Wirz / 30 March 2023
Characters closely observing a caterpillar as it crawls on a leaf.
Gemma Wirz and Annie Brookman-Byrne / 28 March 2023
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Gemma Wirz and Annie Brookman-Byrne / 11 January 2022
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