In April, npj Science of Learning Community authors investigated the powerful role languages play in math performance and discuss the pros and cons of giving students homework.

Language is a medium for sharing ideas, thoughts, and experiences. Without language, humans would never be able to learn new information or perform tasks to a high standard. In hundreds of languages globally, aspects of speech have masculine and feminine forms. npj Science of Learning authors, Kricheli-Katz Tamar and Tali Regev, were curious to know whether gendered languages were associated with gender inequality in mathematical achievement in men and women. Learn about their research findings in Do gendered languages fail women in math?

The decision to give students homework or not is an ongoing debate. Current research supports the argument for students to adopt a healthy lifestyle, by balancing study with physical activity. Teachers scaffold students to achieve their best at school but what is the best approach? Shaun Bourke develops a case for short progressive amounts of homework to help students build their skills and knowledge further in Homework: Is less more?

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