GUEST PODCAST: Ed-Technical Season 1 Episode 7 - part 2

Join two former teachers – Libby Hills from the Jacobs Foundation and AI researcher Owen Henkel – for the Ed-Technical podcast series about AI in education.

Each episode, guest hosted on BOLD, Libby and Owen will ask experts to help educators sift the useful insights from the AI hype. They’ll be asking questions such as “How does AI really help students and teachers?”, “What do we actually know about this technology, and what’s just speculation?” and “When we say ‘AI’, what are we actually talking about?”

In the second part of this episode, Libby and Owen talk again to EdTech investors from Rethink Education, Educapital, Achieve Partners, Sparkmind, Brighteye Ventures and Reach Capital. 

Our guests spend their days helping founders grapple with the operational realities of building an EdTech business. They discuss where they see some of the challenges and opportunities presented by AI from a business (rather than a product) perspective. They share reflections about the value of less shiny and more operational EdTech, schools’ fatigue with new product pitches that claim to use AI, and how they see the market evolving. 

Join us next time for an exciting episode about voice AI!

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